bumping into old songs... (as a hipster?)

Q. Your collaboration with Iggy Pop that plays in the final scene is heart-wrenching. But you originally wanted to use a song by Lewis, the elusive crooning genius — right?
A. I love the Lewis song "Like To See You Again." I composed around it, and through it, in a manner befitting of my style. It was almost like an OPN remix, or something. It was a really cool piece of music, and very different from the rest of the score. The problem was Lewis is hard to find, and he really doesn't want much to do with the business of music, at all. We considered heading out ourselves to go look for him. Private detectives. Then we were just like, Leave it be. I don't think he wants to be found.

Q. I would for sure watch a behind-the-scenes documentary of you guys trying to track him down.
A. Wouldn't that be a great Jim Jarmusch movie? When Jim crosses over to documentaries like Herzog, he should make a movie where he goes and finds Lewis.

I saw the movie called I Thought the World of You by Kurt Walker at the Chicago Underground Film Festival and was surprised since it was made based on the song of the same title by Lewis. Lewis was not widespread, nevertheless, he had cult popularity among music diggers.

One of them is Oneohtrix Point Never. He was a fan of the album of Lewis and tried to remake the song in the soundtrack of Good Time by the Safdie Brothers. I would like to say using overstowed songs obviously implies "Hipsterism". Diggers find music in the deep web, which is either just a personal website run by nerds or so pretentious that they are willing to show new things to audiences.